Friday, March 27, 2009

Hair Dye at 11

Today I had the worst fight ever with my 11 year old. I feel awful about it. She wanted to dye her hair, just streaks of blond (wonder where in the world she would get that from, huh, Lisa? Seems years ago I remember 2 best friends using SUN IN!) Anyway, I told her I'd take her to the Family Dollar to see what they had. I was against doing anything but I remember Mom letting me use something on mine years ago. As long as it would wash out I was consenting. Well I guess I didn't shop soon enough for Miss Holly. She waited until I was at church and called her Dad behind my back. Yep. Sure did! And he took her. He should have said, no, wait and I will talk to your mom but that would mean he had some sense about him and well, he doesn't. I gave him an earful too. Boy do I have to repent tonight, I'm ashamed to say. I'm not sure I'm going to handle all this growing up stuff! lol P.S. Just to let ya'll know, I don't leave my 11 year old by herself, she was with her 13 year old brother. I went to church for a Beth Moore book study for an hour around the corner. I'm gonna have to fire Joe as a sitter and I'm divorcing my ex, AGAIN. lol

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  1. OMG! This is great! I just can't believe she is starting already! It feels so good to just set here and laugh knowing I have been there, done that, had a breakdown, and SURVIVED!! lol
    Love ya girlfriend!