Monday, January 19, 2009

A hot fireman

I tell ya, I've seen some nice looking things before, but I gotta say, the chief has always looked pretty hot to me! Aint that right sister? lol. I'm waiting on my tv dinner to get done. Since I'm too skeered to go into the local Chinese restaurant, I have to resort to frozen Chinese dinners! Now THAT's a story to tell and tell it I will, soon, but right now, I smell the rice!!!!!!! Grape Ape is signing off now!


  1. Oh April Dawn~Whats that flower you have on?
    Did you say its gonna get knocked off some day lol. Shame shame on you. Cant we have a secret together???? hummmmmmmmmm? :)
    Yes your right , but all fire fighters are hot.

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  3. Things that make you go hmmmm???