Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mother-Daughter Banquet

The above table was done by Sandy Barker.
Earth tones by Linda Harney.

My very dear friends.

Mine and Holly's table.

Amy Barnes' table.

This was the first year I was asked to decorate a table for the mother-daughter banquet. At first I was a little apprehensive, but then I was excited. I love doing this kind of stuff! Holly and I used blue candles, plastic tablecloths (which simulated the water) and tableware, tiny plastic toys, glass beads (rocks or whatever you call those things), seashells, starfish candy dish filled with "Lifesaver" mints, a treasure chest and more. Unfortunately, Holly couldn't come because she had to go to a girls night out with the Girl Scouts in Wilder. At least my friends were gracious enough to sit with me at my table. lol. More pictures can be found on my web page at myspace.

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  1. Your table looks great! Sorry Holly couldn't be there with you :( Love you