Monday, April 13, 2009

Evening of the Arts 2009

Kids just love face painting!
Dried beans are used in this piece shown above.
Not sure what this is but it's neat!
Aren't these interesting?
Now that took some work!
Bright colors.
Amazing talent.
My daughter's art work.
Another shot of talent.
Our friend Chris Lyvers did a self portrait.
Here's another one by Chris.
Nice job someone did on this painting.
Fifth grade chorus concert. See if you can find Holly.
Close up of Holly's design.
I think she was getting tired here. This is Holly standing by her art. For 3 years in a row, her art has been displayed at the Evening of the Arts program held at Philip Sharp Middle School. Each year, student art work is showcased throughout the hallways, cafeteria, library, band room and gym. Art is not just painting or sculpting; music, dancing and acting are considered art as well.

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  1. I found her! I finally found her in the chorus pic! My eyes aint what they used to be! LOL
    All the pics are great! Lets see some from Easter!!!!!!
    Love ya,